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Have you ever asked why fluoride is in our public water supply? Are you aware that it was added in later as a governmental decision to protect our teeth? Have you ever noticed that fluoride is also found in a multitude of other products to help ensure many individuals are getting enough to keep their teeth strong and fit?

Because of the benefits that fluoride can give, it has been added to the public drinking water supply and many products including mouthwash and toothpaste. Even fluoride supplements exist that you can purchase in tablet, pill, drop, and lozenge form. However, the best and safest way to enjoy the benefits fluoride can give can be found at the dentist office in the form of a professional fluoride treatment.

For younger children, doses over 500mg can be toxic. Always consult with your dentist before giving any fluoride for young children. With fluoride in so many goods we use to protect our teeth, achieving the right amount of fluoride supplementation is easily achievable.

Whichever fluoride services you feel would best suit your child’s needs, Dr. Andrea Miller and our team here at Children's Dental Specialists of Lake County in our dentist office in Mentor, Ohio are committed to providing you the service you require. We can be reached at (440)266-1740. The best smiles begin as soon as you start caring for them.