Visiting the dentist can be scary for some children, and our team at Children's Dental Specialists of Lake County wants to help each child feel safe and comfortable during their visits. If your child has difficulty relaxing during their visit, Dr. Richards and Dr. Miller may recommend nitrous oxide to help your child feel calm. If you have questions about your child receiving dental care with nitrous oxide in Mentor, Ohio, and to schedule your child’s appointment, please contact us today at (440)266-1740.

Nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, is a mild sedative that our pediatric dentists may use to help your child feel calmer while sitting in the dental chair. You cannot see or smell nitrous oxide, so it cannot bother any sensitive noses or eyes. It is often delivered by placing a special fruit scented nose piece over the nose and leaving it there throughout the procedure. All your child needs to do is breath slowly and calmly through their nose. Usually, it takes about five minutes for your child to start feeling the effects of nitrous oxide, and these effects last only as long as the gas is breathed in. Nitrous oxide does not put your child to sleep. They will remain awake during their treatment, but they will be relaxed and often enjoy a sense of happiness.

Nitrous oxide can be used for several reasons when your child visits our office. Our pediatric dentists may recommend that your child receive nitrous oxide if they:

  • Receive multiple or long procedures
  • Get nervous about visiting the dentist
  • Have special needs
  • Find it difficult to sit still

Parents, please talk to your children about nitrous oxide before bringing them to our office, especially if you feel that your child could benefit from sedation dentistry. By understanding how nitrous oxide works and by helping your child understand it, both you and your child can have a more positive and enjoyable experience. If you have questions about using laughing gas as part of your child’s dental treatment, please call or visit our office today. We are always happy to help!