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You probably know that lots of regions have unique versions of a Christmas legend like Santa Claus, but have you heard that some regions have their own customs regarding how to get rid of baby teeth? Here are some of the ones we read about and thought you would like. If you enjoy them enough, you may even use one or two in your own home!

Some children in India get rid their baby teeth by offering them to the sun, sometimes wrapping the teeth in a rag. In one part of India, children toss their lost pearly whites onto their roofs and ask rodents to replace it for one of their fangs. (Rodent teeth grow forever, and adult human pearly whites will stay healthy forever if suitably cared for.) Tossing lost pearly whites into the sky or to the sun and asking for a better tooth is commonplace in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Sudan. And long ago, in premodern Britain, lost teeth were burnt! We definitely don’t endorse incorporating that one into your traditions.

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