The American Dental Association recommendeds that children begin visiting the dentist by their first birthday. To ensure your child’s first visit is as enjoyable and positive as possible, we invite you to assist us in preparing your child in advance. Explain to them that they will be visiting the dentist and that our team will explain the entire procedure when they arrive.

You are welcome to complete our new patient forms in advance to simplify the check-in process. Otherwise, our front office team will present the forms at your arrival to Children's Dental Specialists of Lake County. We will then take you and your child on a tour of our office, ending with the examination room. You and your child will have the opportunity to meet our dental team, including the dentists, hygienists, and assistant. We encourage you to remain with your child for the appointment.

During the examination, our dentists will assess your child’s oral health, check their bite, and screen for any existing health problems. If necessary, we will provide a gentle and thorough cleaning of your child’s teeth and provide fluoride treatment. You and your child are both welcome to ask any questions about the process or your child’s oral health.

We recommend you bring your child for a re-care visit six months after the first appointment. Our team will gladly schedule the next appointment before you leave. Please contact our office today if you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit with Drs. Richards and Miller, our pediatric dentists in Mentor, Ohio.