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If your child has a chronic illness, you’re probably already worried about their health and how to keep them happy. Our dentist, Dr. Andrea Miller, doesn’t want to add to your “To-Do” list, but it’s very important to take good care of your child’s smile. The mouth and body are connected, and if the body isn’t healthy, there is a good chance the mouth won’t be either. So, please help your child’s smile by using our dentist’s tips.

First, over communicate with our dental team. In fact, it’s best to over communicate with every health team you work with. This means you need to give us every detail and fact you know about your child’s health. Because certain illnesses can increase the risks of having severe and damaging dental issues, it’s best that our dental team knows everything so we can prevent them as much as possible. It’s also encouraged to give your dentist your child’s other doctor information so the professionals can communicate to make sure nothing is missed.

Second, stay up to date with the latest medical news. You can do this by subscribing to any news sources related to your child’s illness. If there are any advances in treatment, warnings, or other pertinent information, you will know about it immediately. This can greatly help you help your child.

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