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Did you know that most cavities are a result of poor eating habits? Cavities are an oral health disorder caused by the weakening of the tooth enamel. When the tooth enamel has worn down to the point that a hole forms, it is called a cavity. Substances such as such as sugars and acidic foods are known to lead to enamel erosion, and in turn, cavities. Cavity prevention begins with healthy eating habits.

One of the best ways to eat better is to strive for foods that contain calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are known to contain properties that strengthen tooth enamel and protect against dental erosion. Foods that are known to be high in these minerals include milk, cheese, nuts, and various types of meat, including chicken.

It is also important to avoid foods that can weaken your tooth enamel. Beyond limiting foods that are high in sugar or overly acidic, it is also important to avoid sticky or chewy foods that easily stick to your teeth and gums and linger in your mouth long after mealtime is over. The longer food particles are in contact with your teeth and gums, the longer the time that dental erosion and gum disease can occur.

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